Feel the experience first, Develop it later


Feel the experience first, Develop it later

It may be tempting to go outside the box with your mobile app UX design, but if users don’t understand how to use your app – they’ll abandon it. Your app should ooze familiarity. Users should be able to easily predict the next action and what will happen if they tap a certain custom control.

Thumbs drive 75% of all mobile interactions, that why you should focus on designing for thumb flow, and make your content easily accessible with one finger. Our fat fingers are larger than the mouse cursor (approx. 45-57 pixels wide), though Apple recommends using 44 pixels for clickable elements. Don’t make your buttons too small or situated too closely, so that users can tap them accurately.

Don’t forget about the texts too! Use shorter texts prompting instant action e.g. Buy, Register, All Products, etc. Keep the important labels short as people on mobile E.g. Name instead of Full Name. Make sure all the wording is consistent across all app screens.

UX/UI Design Principles which Ronnie Web Follows


  • Bringing the user interface design to life.
  • Allowing users to provide valuable feedback within the proper context.
  • Helping reduce overall development time.
  • Acting as a useful reference tool for developers.
  • Confirming a common vision among users and stakeholders.
  • Creating excitement within the organization.

We Are Your Dream-catchers

We aim to make the user experience and interaction with your system as friendly and efficient as possible.

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How we do it?

While designing a site we follow two important steps. The first is user experience design. Here we study the behaviour pattern of users from different demography and plan a wireframe (blueprint) by combining the inputs from different studies. After this, the next step is designing the user interface based on that wireframe. So, the UI designers build every element that a user would interact or engage with on an actual live task. Making it simple yet attractive is not easy, but our designers are top notch and great at what they do. And what they do is create magic!

We create uniquely branded user interfaces that truly represent your software without compromising with its usability.

We maintain a proper UI/UX balance in order to create a system which is both adaptable and usable.

Why Choose Us?

Our team believes that the system should speak the language of the user. Keeping this in mind, we use familiar concepts rather than system oriented technical terms.

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